Cut On Gums: Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Flossing too hard, brushing too aggressively, using toothpicks or eating sharp foods like chips can cause gums to be damaged. Most generally, a cut on gums is something that will heal quickly. Some gum cuts, however, do require professional treatment from your 24/7 emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE.

If you have a cut on your gums, you may rinse gently with an antiseptic rinse, and then apply pressure with a paper towel or clean cloth. If the bleeding does not stop after 10 minutes, call your 24/7 emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE, for treatment.

child in school after healed gum cut

Children that present with a cut on gums may apply pressure with clean gauze, rinse the area with cool water, or try an ice cube or Popsicle to help reduce any swelling. Call a physician or a 24/7 emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE right away if the bleeding continues after 10 minutes of pressure.

For a cut that is minimal or if the cause of your gum discomfort is questionable, visit this link to view a list of possible reasons for your discomfort and at-home treatment. Seek medical attention for a cut on gums that is larger than 1/2 inch or a cut caused by a rusted object. Also, you should seek treatment for a cut caused by an animal or human bite, if it appears infected, or if they have not received a tetanus vaccination within the last five years. Your 24/7 emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE, is here to help, if you have questions, or need professional advice.

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