Emergency Room or Dentist?

Emergency Room vs Dentist?

Sometimes as a patient, it is hard to know when you should go to the emergency room vs dentist if you are experiencing a dental emergency. For the most part, you should be seen by a dentist as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a life-threatening dental emergency in Lincoln, NE, and are having discomfort that is unbearable or uncontrollable bleeding, you should go to the emergency room. Trained medical professionals can help you.

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What are the symptoms of a serious dental emergency? Where should I go for treatment of a life-threatening dental emergency in Lincoln, NE? 

Traumatic injuries to the head and mouth that cause jaw fractures, dislocations, or severe soft tissue injuries with uncontrolled bleeding are the type of emergencies that warrant a trip to the emergency room. In some cases, dental abscesses with severe swelling to the face require immediate attention from a dentist or a medical doctor in the ER. If you go to the ER for a tooth infection, they can give you antibiotics or other medications to help manage the discomfort until you see your emergency dentist in Lincoln, NE. A quick guide for dental emergencies, including dental anatomy, can be found here.

If the injury is life-threatening and involves severe impact to the head or neck, excessive bleeding, swelling, difficulty breathing, or difficulty when swallowing seek immediate medical care at a hospital, or call 911 if necessary.

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Dental emergencies in Lincoln, NE that are not life-threatening, but require immediate attention may include the following: broken or knocked-out tooth, broken fillings, dental abscesses that are not affecting breathing or swallowing, and discomfort caused by cavities or wisdom teeth. All of these are things that can be treated by your dentist in Lincoln, NE.

If you experience an emergency during non-business hours, you can call the emergency line at Nebraska Family Dentistry. Even if the call is not answered, please leave a message, and we will call you back so that we can help you through your dental emergency. If you cannot reach a dental professional immediately, proceed to an urgent care clinic or emergency room. Medical providers may be able to give you medication to help with discomfort until an emergency dentist can see you. If you have a concern during business hours, don’t hesitate to call any one of our locations and speak to one of our trained dental professionals.

You can schedule with an emergency dentist near you for 24/7 after-hours emergency care. Our emergency dentists serve areas around Lincoln, NE, and welcome nearby communities.

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