Dental Emergency Toothache Relief 

What is an excellent way to help pain relief for toothache? Should you go to the emergency room for a severe toothache? Is there a good emergency dentist that you can call after hours in Lincoln, NE?

It is critical to go to the emergency room for a toothache, in case of dental emergencies like severe abscesses. Abscesses can be life-threatening and should be taken seriously. Severe toothaches are mainly due to abscess formation, which cannot be relieved with simple over-the-counter medications.

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Toothaches almost always occur when you least expect them. If a tooth causes severe discomfort and you notice swelling seek medical or dental attention as soon as possible. Also, you should seek medical attention if you see a pimple-like area on the gum with infectious fluid draining out. Swelling can happen quickly and cause breathing problems by blocking airways. For excellent toothache relief,  it is crucial to receive immediate medical care if your face is visibly swollen or you are having difficulty swallowing. If you are unable to reach an emergency dentist, you should go to a walk-in clinic or the emergency room. Either of these places should be able to help you manage any discomfort until you can see a dental professional. An internet search for “emergency dentist after hours in Lincoln, NE” can also help guide you to excellent toothache relief.

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Severe toothaches are usually caused by abscess formation in the bone around the roots of teeth. This type of infection can spread quickly and become life-threatening, especially for young children, older adults or patients with autoimmune conditions or low immune function. This condition cannot be eliminated by taking any over-the-counter medications or antibiotics alone. It requires the removal of the tooth or emergency root canal treatment. Some teeth can be treated the same day with a simple root canal. A root canal requires the dentist to remove the infected nerve from the tooth, disinfect the inside of the root, and fill the chamber with a particular type of filling material. If you have a more complicated case, your dentist may refer you to an endodontist for treatment. Once the tooth has been completely restored with a crown, there should no longer be any discomfort if the root canal procedure was successful.

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In cases where the infection is extensive around the tooth, and it has lost a lot of bone and structural integrity, it may not be savable. Your emergency dentist after hours in Lincoln, NE, can extract the tooth or refer you to an oral surgeon to take the tooth out and talk about replacing it with a dental implant. For compassionate care visit emergency dentist after hours in Lincoln, NE here.

You can schedule with an emergency dentist near you for 24/7 after-hours emergency care. Our emergency dentists serve areas around Lincoln, NE, and welcome nearby communities.

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