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Compassionate Emergency Dentistry for Lincoln and All Surrounding Areas.


Coddington Dental
(402) 438-5555
Dr. Jodi Day
Dr. Ben Joekel


Lincoln Dental Dentistry
(402) 467-1000
Dr. Kelly O’Hara
Dr. Jon Isaacson


Preserve Family Dentistry
(402) 413-7000
Dr. Kathryn Alderman
Dr. Brad Alderman


Northstar Dental
(402) 740-0000
Dr. Kimberly Polley
Dr. Michael Burbach


SouthPointe Dental
(402) 423-3333
Dr. Sydney Joyce


South Lincoln Family Dentistry
(402) 413-7700
Dr. Christine Bergman
Dr. Lauren Albin


Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry
(402) 890-8000
Dr. Chris Sullivan
Dr. Kelsey Sullivan

You can find an emergency dentist at any of these locations in Lincoln, NE.

We are here to help

Our Gentle Dentists are here to assist you with all of your emergency dental needs. Whether you knocked out your tooth or you simply have a toothache that doesn’t seem to go away; we want to help find the source of the problem, and fix it right away.

You can schedule with an emergency dentist near you for 24/7 after-hours emergency care. Our emergency dentists serve areas around Lincoln, NE, and welcome nearby communities.

Davey, Malcolm, Denton, Walton, Roca, Raymond, Pleasant Dale, Waverly, Martell, Eagle, Bennet, Hickman, Garland, Ceresco, Greenwood, Panama, Crete, Palmyra, Milford.

Problems we solve

dentures emergency

Broken Denture

sharp toothache emergency bleeding gums

Bleeding Gums

loose tooth emergency

Loose Tooth

sharp toothache emergency

Sharp Toothache

knocked out tooth emergency

Knocked-Out Tooth

abscess emergency

Abscess and Swelling

broken cracked tooth emergency

Broken / Cracked Teeth

Our Emergency Patients Say It Best

“The paperwork only took me 5-10 minutes and the lady at the front helped me out and was very kind. when I let my doctor, she was very good at explaining everything in detail so I could understand. this place is the best dentist I’ve ever gone too.”

– Nancy D. | ★★★★★

“I had an amazing experience at Lincoln Family Dentistry: Central Lincoln Location. The first-time paperwork was quick and painless. The hygienist staff were friendly, competent, and accommodating. They made me feel really at-ease and comfortable! And best of all, they gave me really great tips on my at-home oral care practices. Dr. O’Hara was awesome, too. Overall one of the best dental practices I’ve been to. I’d absolutely recommend them!”

– Chelsea H. | ★★★★★

“I thought my teeth were the worst the dentist could ever seen; I had to see a dentist but felt guilty, ashamed, and scared of ‘The Lecture.’ I was worried that the dentist would berate me, humiliate me, or judge me. I did find the courage to see Dr. Alderman, and she made me feel comfortable, and she never judged. Instead, she helped me to combat my dental phobia, and I was able to complete my treatment. I ham done with the treatment, and I am finally not embarrassed to smile. Thank you to Dr. Alderman.”

– Brandy K. | ★★★★★

“I woke up with an awful tooth ache and a swelling on my lower left side. When I got my X-rays done through my primary dentist, they said it might of been infected. Due to an infection, I was going through excruciating pain and chugging pain killers constantly just to sleep. They told me the soonest time I would be able to see the endodontist was Saturday and it was Monday at the time.I knew I could not wait that long and decided to find another option for an endodontist in Lincoln, NE. That is how I found Dr. Kathryn Alderman to do my root canal. Her nice receptionist was able to get me in the same day I called. Dr. Kathryn Alderman was extremely compassionate toward me and was able to do a root canal without any pain. She was gentle and efficient. The best part, I was no longer suffering with dental pain. I am glad I found Dr. Kathryn Alderman for a root canal here in Lincoln, NE.”

– Lola M. | ★★★★★

Commonly Asked Questions (CAQs)

affordable dentistry man emergency dentist ne

Q: Do you offer payment plans for emergency dental care?

A: We offer payment plans for any dental treatment that requires emergency dental care. Our partners at Lincoln Dental Plans offer several discounts, including on any emergency coverage. Click the link to their website to learn more about dental discount plans and what to do without insurance.

smiling patient after appointment

Q: Are your emergency dentists available 24/7?

A: While our emergency dentists aren’t at the office 24/7, you can either call our emergency line at 402-840-9783 or schedule an appointment online. We do see emergency patients at any of our locations on weekends and after hours by appointment.

woman asking question

Q: I do not have dental insurance, can I see an emergency dentist?

A: Yes, of course. We would be happy to see you at any of our locations.

Financial Options and Lincoln Dental Plans

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Our partners at Lincoln Dental Plans offer a dental discount plan, made specifically for those without insurance. The concept is simple: once per year, you pay a small fee. In return, you receive huge discounts on all kinds of dental treatments, ranging from anything cosmetic all the way to surgeries, preventive care, and the like.

Find out more about Dental Flexible Payment Options and Monthly Payment Plans to Make Dental Treatment Affordable by clicking the logos below:

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Partnered Dental Clinics